Resistance Pool Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic Therapy with SwimEx Resistance Pools

Aquatic Therapy

SwimEx resistance pools offer a complete isokinetic aquatic therapy system - putting rehabilitation programs into a new league. Starting with 0 to 30,000 gallons per minute (113,562 lpm) water flow, patients in initial stages of rehab can begin aquatic therapy sooner due to the buoyancy of water. Aquatic therapy results can be measured as patients graduate to progressive weight-bearing protocols using increasing water resistance. Aquatic therapy treatment can extend into a full range of training and conditioning.

SwimEx pools are sometimes referred to as resistance swimming pools. Our laminar water current creates a powerful and consistent wall-of-water resistance for swimming, exercise, or therapy. The swimmer, coach or therapist can control and change the pool counter-current on the fly from inside or outside the resistance pool. For a more rigorous workout, just turn up the dial.

Resistance swimming pools offer a great method of developing muscular strength and endurance. Water current essentially replaces pool length - you can insert a SwimEx in as little as 200 square feet (61 sq. m.) of space.

SwimEx’s technology continues to set new standards in the world of aquatic therapy pools. That’s why an increasing number of rehabilitation facilities are choosing SwimEx pools for their rehabilitative and fitness needs. When you add it all up, only your imagination limits the type of workouts and therapy you can experience with a SwimEx aquatic therapy pool.

The therapeutic value of aquatic therapy in a SwimEx pool:

  • Allows various levels of aquatic therapy activity even in the acute stages of rehab - helping to raise morale.
  • Provides the easy maintenance of physical conditioning throughout the entire rehab process.
  • Allows the principles of water to counteract gravity and supply support, thus reducing pain, spasm and swelling while providing earlier and more effective aquatic therapy rehabilitation exercises.
  • Provides a resistive wall of water as an effective and safe means of performing strengthening, functional and sports-specific activities.

Using aquatic therapy and training for all types of orthopedic injuries allows the injured body part to actively “rest” while the person maintains fitness levels and discovers rapid gains in the critical early stages of the healing and rehabilitative process. The unique properties of water - buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure, viscosity and fluid dynamics - provide an excellent rehabilitative environment.

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