Swim In Place Pools

SwimEx - The Ultimate Stationary Swimming Machine

swim in place pool Advantages

Swim-in-place swimming pools (sometimes called Stationary Swimming Machines) offer a stress-free mode of hitting all major muscle groups, not to mention the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, in one workout. It’s the perfect exercise for people of all ages and interests. And while there are several stationary swimming (treadmill) pools on the market, none can quite match up to the versatile line of SwimEx swim-in-place pools.

Learning to swim in place against SwimEx’s smooth counter-current is easy. It’s like a swimming treadmill - in seconds, you’ll be having a blast swimming in place. And you won’t have to worry about turns! Unlike a traditional lap pool, you’ll be concentrating on your stroke instead of reaching the end of the pool!

training swimmers

More and more coaches at every level of competition are discovering the virtues of using a SwimEx swim-in-place pool as a swimmer training pool. SwimEx training pools provide coaches with a close-up view of their swimmer’s form from every conceivable angle - from the front, the side, behind and even below the surface through underwater windows. This feature allows the coach to instruct, correct and review while the swimmer swims in place. SwimEx swim-in-place pools are especially useful as a marathon training pool.

The SwimEx swimming machine

The technology behind SwimEx swim machines continues to set new standards in the world of aquatic therapy and conditioning. Only SwimEx swimming machine pools are capable of circulating up to 30,000 gallons of water flow per minute (113,562 lpm) to create a powerful wall of water resistance that can be set at 99 different speeds. All of this and more make SwimEx the ultimate swimming machine?

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