Paddlewheel Counter Current Pools - Superior Laminar Water Flow

Paddlewheel Technology 
Creates A Smooth "Wall Of Water" Pool Current

SwimEx is the innovative leader in current swimming pools. We build the most powerful counter current pools on the market. The laminar water flow is superior to jet-driven currents in other pools. Our unique paddlewheel technology creates the widest, smoothest, deepest and strongest water counter current in the industry! The paddlewheel "pulls" the water rather than pushes, and generates a smooth wall of water extending up to 30 inches (76cm) in depth.

An industrial electric gearmotor and variable speed control system is used to drive the paddlewheel, enabling up to 99 different counter current speeds.

All water current speed adjustments are made via air controls mounted at the front of the pool for easy adjustment while swimming or exercising. A rear-mounted air-controlled automatic shut-off bar disconnects power to the paddlewheel motor by contact.

The SwimEx paddlewheel drive system is controlled by a 5-hp or 7.5-hp variable speed gearmotor. The gearmotor is attached directly to the current pool and requires no additional support.

The variable speed control system is mounted in the pit and once installed, requires no additional service. The paddlewheel and counter current speed are controlled by pneumatic air switches connected to the current pool with air tubing.

Whether you’re using a SwimEx pool for swimming, exercise, therapy, or rehabilitation, no one else comes close to our variable, smooth, easy-to-control pool current!

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