Jetted swim spas vs. SwimEx Swim-In-Place Pools

Low Maintenance PoolSwimEx swim-in-place swim spas are not modified hot tubs or spas. SwimEx pools are designed as swimming machines. They feature our patented paddlewheel technology that creates a superior water flow - smooth, deep, wide and variable!

Many swim spa competitors have entered the swim spa business in the past including manufacturers of acrylic hot tubs and spas.  Although spas and hot tubs are their primary products, these “competitors” have introduced longer spas with water jets at one end to create water resistance. These companies call these products “swim spas” because it is possible, although uncomfortable,  to swim against the resistance created by the jets.

Smoothness of Water Flow

Jets: Force water and air at the swimmer                   SwimEx Paddlewheel: Pulls water to the rear of the pool

A jetted swim spa typically uses pumps and nozzles that create an extremely turbulent water flow. There really is no comparison to a SwimEx swim spa’s smooth, laminar flow created by our patented counter-current paddlewheel, as no air is introduced with the paddlewheel design.  Additionally, a jetted swim spa’s water surface disruption from the jets makes it much harder to breathe while swimming.

Current Depth, Width, Strength and Consistency

Jets: Narrow isolated streams of resistance               SwimEx Paddlewheel: Waterflow is as wide as the pool
        Moves 250-500 gallons per minute                                              Moves 25,000-30,000 gallons per minute 

A jetted swim spa’s water resistance is inconsistent because there are only so many jets, and the resistance depth is only so deep. The counter-current generated by the SwimEx paddlewheel is the widest, smoothest, deepest and strongest in the industry!  The paddlewheel is as wide as the pool, generating a feeling of swimming upstream in a river.  The SwimEx smooth “wall of water” extends up to 30 inches in depth and the variable water speed is easily adjusted.


Typically, jetted swim spa construction is a single shell acrylic vessel with either a fiberglass or an acrylic backing for strength. Compare this to SwimEx pool construction – superior fiberglass composite with a balsa wood core for unmatched strength and insulation. And, the beautiful SwimEx gelcoat surface is smooth, allows many color options and is easily maintained.
Bottom line – if you’re looking for a swim-in-place swim spa, SwimEx beats jetted swim spas, hands down!

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