Endless Pools vs. SwimEx Pools

For 25 years, SwimEx has been the leader and innovator when it comes to resistance swim in place pools. When comparing a SwimEx with Endless Swimming Pools,  it is important to consider these four qualities:

  • Water Flow
  • Construction Quality
  • Noise Level
  • Custom Options

Why the "Wall of Water" Works Better

Both the SwimEx and the Endless Pool offer a better flow than standard jetted lap pools or swim spas. Endless Pools use a propeller to push a water flow that is about 21" wide and 18" deep, located in the middle of the pool. It is a narrow flow and, depending on the swimmer, may be too narrow for effective swimming.

Using its paddlewheel technology, SwimEx Pools provides a wider and deeper current than an Endless Pool so you can be anywhere in the pool and still take advantage of the current. Imagine a consistent wall of water as wide as the pool and up to 30" deep. SwimEx offers the deepest and widest current flow on the market.

Finally - it's about the flow: the current in a SwimEx pool has 99 speed settings and moves up to 30,000 gallons per minute in a smooth river-like current. Endless pools move up to 5,000 gallons per minute.

Built to Last...Easy to Maintain

The original Endless swimming pool, which offers their best water flow, is made with a vinyl liner in a galvanized steel shell. The liner needs to be replaced every few years. They also recommend replacing the hydraulic motor every 3-5 years.

Made from strong fiberglass composite, SwimEx pools have the same durable construction as fiberglass boats. The proven design formula sandwiches a balsa wood core between layers of fiberlass, resin and gelcoat for an indestructible, low maintenance pool wall with no liners to replace. With confidence in our construction, SwimEx proudly offers the best warranty in the industry.

Experience our Exceptional Pools

The hydraulic motor that drives the Endless pool is located at the front end of the pool and can make the surrounding area quite loud.

The SwimEx drive system is mounted below your decking at the rear of the pool, so noise levels are at a minimum for both swimmers and those sharing the space.

At SwimEx, every pool is built to your exact specifications with countless custom options so it looks great in your home and meets your specific exercise needs.

Options & AccessoriesSwimEx PoolsEndless Pools
Coping border around pool Included (fiberglass) $1,300 synthetic coping, $1,100 aluminum coping or a $300 bull-nose option
Thermal Blanket Included Included
Water Purification System Included Included Copper / Silver
HIgh Performance Motor Included $700
Entrance Steps Included $230
2 Handrails Near Steps Included Only available with one handrail for $180
Stainless Steel Grab Bar Included $120
3-5 Year Replacement Motor* Not Necessary $450 without installation
Vinyl Liner Replacement No Liner, Fiberglass Construction $500 - $800 without installation
Crane for offloading one-piece pool $500** N/A
Assembly of steel panels, Installation of vinyl liner, Installation of plumbing fixtures to pool sidewall N/A (one-piece pool) $2,500***
*as stated in Endless Pools literature, “the submersed hydraulic motor should be changed every three to five years”
**prices are approximate and may vary per location
***if provided with a flat level surface and electrical service
Technical SpecificationsSwimEx PoolsEndless Pools
Water Current
The swim current is generated by a paddlewheel located at the rear of the pool and driven by an electric motor. The current moves up to 30,000 gallons per minute (113,562 lpm). The current is 6 ft (1.82m) wide and 18” to 30” (46cm to 76cm) deep depending on the model. The current is the entire width of the pool and is constantly circulated by a paddlewheel putting the least amount of stress on joints than alternative pools.
The Endless Pool swim current is generated by a 16” (40.5cm) propeller inside a 21” x 18” (53cm x 46cm) steel box driven by a hydraulic motor. The current moves up to 5,000 gallons per minute (18,900 lpm). The current is 21” wide and 18” deep (53.3cm wide and 46m) and located in the middle of the Endless Pool. Endless Pool recommends replacing the motor every 3-5 years.
Available SwimEx accessories include retractable security cover, underwater lights, hydrotherapy jets, gas heater, Swimometer™ (timer and current readout), side and front handrails, ozonator, water vacuum, fiberglass steps.
Available Endless Pools accessories include retractable security cover, underwater lights, hydrotherapy jets, gas heater, swim mirror, swim gauge and handrails.
SwimEx’s standard color is white with many different colors of gelcoat available. The customer may also choose from hundreds of colored waterline tile colors to coordinate decor.
Endless Pools’ vinyl liner comes in three liner choices with four patterns and does offer waterline color tiles. Vinyl liners are not guaranteed for life and will need replacement.
SwimEx pools are constructed from fiberglass with a balsa wood core and gel coat finish. The wood core creates built-in insulation. The pool weighs 3,000 pounds (1,360kg).
Endless Pools are constructed from galvanized steel panels with vinyl liner and tension straps. Foam insulation can be added as an additional option. Entire Endless Pool system weighs approximately 2,240 pounds (1,016kg).
Electrical Requirements Standard SwimEx model requires 220/240 volt single phase and 105-amp service.
Standard Endless Pool model requires 220 volts single phase. With an electric heater and water quality pump can be wired to require as much as 80 amps - if you ignore the circuit saver feature. When wired correctly (or with a gas or propane heater), the true amperage requirements are 50 amps.
One-piece seamless design (no assembly required) is available for new construction. SwimEx Pools made in 4 or 8 piece designs allow easy access into existing locations. SwimEx Pools can be installed in-ground, above ground and partially in-ground.
Endless Pools steel panels arrive in “kit” form and are assembled on-site and can be moved into any area of the home. All Endless Pools require assembly. Endless Pools can be installed in-ground, above ground and partially in-ground.
Site Requirements
An area of 12 ft. wide by 20 ft. long (1.82m wide by 6m long) is required for the standard size SwimEx pool. Access is required on two sides. A flat level surface allowing 460 lbs. per sq. ft. (208kg per sq. m.) is required.
An area of 12 ft. wide by 18 ft. long (1.82m wide by 5.48m long) is recommended for the standard size Endless Pool. Access is required in the front of the pool. A flat level surface allowing 200 lbs. per sq. ft. (90.7kg per sq. m.) is required.
Water Area
The standard SwimEx size is 6ft. wide and 12 ft. long (1.82m wide and 3.65m long). Some models increase length to 16 or 18 feet (4.87m or 5.48m). The four depths available are 42 in., 48 in., 50 in., and 60 in (107cm, 122cm, 127cm and 152.5cm). A deep well of 6 or 7 ft (1.82m or 2.13m). is also available. SwimEx models are available with or without side benches.
The standard Endless Pool is 8 ft. wide, 15 ft. long and 39 in. deep (2.43m wide, 4.57m long and 99cm deep). Length and depth can be adjusted as an additional option. A one-foot bench surrounds the perimeter wall of the Endless Pool.
Water Speed
SwimEx pools feature 99 different currents, with water flow up 30,000 gallons per minute (113,562 lpm).
Endless Pools feature water flow up to 5,000 gallons per minute (18,900 lpm).

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