SwimEx aquatic therapy, rehab & conditioning pools for assisted living centers

Interested in having a fountain of youth for your residences? A SwimEx swim-in-place resistance pool can help turn back the clock. With 99 different adjustable current speeds, it’s the1000T Therapy Poolperfect environment for rehabilitation and therapeutic exercise, without stressing joints and muscles. Healthcare professionals recommend SwimEx to speed up recovery from illness, injury and joint replacement. Assisted Living Centers choose SwimEx for the safest and most therapeutic workouts for their residents. From basic physical therapy to group exercise classes in our 1000 T pool, SwimEx is the most advanced resistance pool available.

Only SwimEx Pools offer:

  • Pool-wide adjustable current – ideal for swimming in place
  • Safe, built-in exercise stations
  • Varying water depths for weight bearing progression
  • 99 different speeds – from gentle to strong water flow
  • All fiberglass construction for easy maintenance
  • A water powered wheel chair lift that doesn't move the whole floor - Zero degree entry level - Click here for details.

assited living centers

Senior Patient Back Rehab in a SwimEx Therapy Pool

Group Therapy in a 1000T SwimEx pool

Aqua Yoga Treatment in a SwimEx Pool for Spinal Injury Patients

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