Woodway Integrated Motorized Underwater Treadmill

Convenient, Durable, Fun!

SwimEx Integrated Underwater Treadmill In Use

Woodway Integrated Underwater Treadmill for Your SwimEx Exercise Pool

The Woodway Integrated, Motorized Underwater Treadmill is equipped to run at variable speeds up to 8 MPH (12.87 KPH). The Woodway utilizes a slat-belt system giving a smoother and more comfortable running surface that will last ten times longer than the conventional underwater treadmill. It can be installed into most open space and workstation SwimEx models. This enables physical therapists, athletic trainers and strength and conditioning specialists to tailor workouts for conditioning and rehabilitation protocols. For the homeowner, this option adds yet another aquatic exercise routine!

Constructed of durable, high-traction rubber with a non-corrosive frame, the underwater treadmill is equipped with:

  • A programmable monitor, The monitor allows you to create and save interval programs with times and speeds specific to your needs
  • Speed indicator
  • Removable handrails for optional support.

When you combine the smoothest water flow and smoothest running surface in one pool, you get the best for conditioning and rehabilitation. SwimEx’s unique paddlewheel ‘wall of water’ propulsion system offers the deepest, widest current flow providing better therapy than jetted systems.

The Woodway integrated treadmill is available for the following SwimEx exercise pool models:
Residential: 500-OS, 600-S, 800-S, 1000-S
Commercial: 500-T, 500-OT, 600-T, 800-T, 900-T and 1000-T

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