SwimEx 1000 T - Largest Aquatic Therapy Pool

1000-T Largest Therapy Pool

1000 t Aquatic Physical Therapy Pool

The 1000 T physical therapy and rehab pool incorporates our superior laminar flow into the largest SwimEx ever built. In this state of the art swimming pool, the current exists on only one side of the pool while maintaining still water on the other side. With a water surface area of 14 feet by 10 feet (4.27m by 3.05m), and three standard water depths; 48” (122cm) 60” (152.4 cm) and 72” (1.82m), the clinician has extra room to optimize rehab programs and individually tailor the aquatic environment for each patient. The large 1000 T therapy pool offers the versatility of a SwimEx with the space of a larger pool to easily allow for multi-patient therapy and group classes.

You can even make the 1000 T bigger by adding extensions; up to a 10’ (4.27m) by 22’ (6.7m) water area. The pool comes in four pieces but pre-assembly at the factory is an option.

Add the optional integrated motorized treadmill to further enhance the versatility of the 1000 T. You may choose from two different size belts and customize the location and depth of the treadmill to best meet your particular needs. The large 1000 T has plenty of room for removable water exercise equipment.


  • 48", 60", and 72" water depths
  • Four-piece high performance composite fiberglass construction
  • Commercial filtration system
  • In-pool fiberglass steps with stainless steel handrail
  • Stainless steel front and side handrails
  • Two equalization skimmers (required by some health codes)
  • 7.5-hp electric motor with paddle wheel drive system
  • Swimometer™ - water speed display and programmable timer
  • Air operated and wireless current controls
  • Four underwater observation windows
  • Waterline tiles
  • 40 degree angled running pad
  • Exercise bench
  • On-site Personal Educational In-service
  • Aqua Therapy DVD set


  • Pool Size: 11’5” x 21’ x 7’ (3.47m x 6.1m x 2.11m)
  • Pit Size: 18’ x 25’ x 7’ (5.49m x 7.62m x 2.11m)
  • Pool Weight with equipment: 5,700 lbs (2,585kg)
  • Pool Volume: 7700 gal (29,144 l)
  • Pool Filled Weight: 70,000 lbs (31,751kg)
  • Load Bearing: 525lbs sq.ft. (2560 kg/m2)



1000-T Largest Aquatic Therapy Pool

  6ft deep well & 5ft plyometric area Covers allow for 4ft water depth throughout pool


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