SwimEx 470 T - Multi-Purpose Aquatic Therapy Pool

470-OT Multi-Purpose Therapy Pool

470 T Physical Therapy / Rehab Pool

The 470 T Therapy Pool is designed to meet the specific therapeutic needs of skilled nursing facilities and assisted living centers. The 470 T hydrotherapy pool features a totally flat bottom with a non-skid surface and a uniform depth of 48 inches (122cm). The pool provides a larger water area for one-depth therapeutic exercise and allows room for multi-patient rehab treatments.

The paddlewheel current allows the therapist to vary the resistance as the patient progresses through the rehabilitation program. Removable in-pool handrails in the 470 T physical therapy pool may be added to assist patients in gait and mobility activities.

The 470 T comes in four pieces for easy installation into interior rooms. An optional 8-piece sectional design is available for tight access installation. Pre-assembly at the factory is an option. For above ground installations, four underwater observation windows are standard.

Increased versatility is available with the optional SPT Underwater Treadmill or other water exercise equipment. The 470 T can also be used as a swim-in-place pool.

470-OT Multi-Purpose Therapy Pool


  • High performance composite fiberglass pool construction
  • Commercial filtration system
  • Recessed steps with stainless steel handrails
  • Air operated and wireless current controls
  • Rear emergency shut-off bar
  • 5-hp electric motor with paddlewheel drive system
  • Stainless steel front and side handrails
  • Four underwater observation windows
  • Floating thermal blanket (cover)
  • Waterline tiles
  • Start-up chemicals and water test kit
  • Swimometer™ - water speed display and programmable timer
  • On-site Personal Educational In-service


  • Pool Size: 7’8” 17’7” x x 5’10” (2.34m x 5.36m x 1.78m)
  • Pit Size: 12’ x 20’ x 5’10” (3.66m x 6.1m x 1.78m)
  • Pool Weight with equipment: 3,500 lbs (1,587kg)
  • Pool Volume: 3200 gal (12,112 l)
  • Pool Filled Weight: 31,000 lbs (14,061kg)
  • Load Bearing: 460lbs sq.ft. (2245 kg/m2)


  • Optional in-pool handrails
  • 7.5-hp electric motor with paddle wheel drive system
  • Natural gas water heater
  • Propane gas water heater
  • Ozonator - chemical-reduced water purification system
  • Two underwater lights
  • Hydrotherapy massage jets - three on each side
  • Fiberglass stairs with handrails
  • Factory assembly and shrink wrap
  • Two-foot (61cm) extension to lengthen the pool (may get up to three)
  • Eight-piece multi-section design for access into tight areas

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