Health Care and Physical Therapy Pools

Hospitals and physical therapy centers consistently choose SwimEx therapy pools over the competition for its versatility, ease of maintainance and smooth, constant water current.

The unique properties of water – buoyancy, hydro-static pressure, viscosity and fluid dynamics – combined with the superiority of a SwimEx provides an ideal rehabilitative environment for all types of injuries. And, here’s why:

  • Water allows the injured body part to actively “rest” while the patient gains confidence and range of motion in the critically early stages of the healing and rehabilitation.
  • The SwimEx water current has 99 speeds and can be programmed for every level of aquatic therapy.  Therapists can tailor patient protocols to reflect individual treatment plans.  Even in the acute stages of rehabilitation, patients feel safe and secure in the water, helping to raise morale and success rate.
  • SwimEx therapy pools are extremely easy to maintain, allowing therapists the ability to focus solely on physical conditioning throughout the entire rehab process.
  • Water’s anti-gravity property provides critical patient support, reducing pain, spasm and swelling while providing earlier, more effective aquatic therapy rehabilitation.
  • SwimEx therapy pools wall of water creates a uniform resistance that can be consistently programmed from one session to the next to accurately monitor progress.
  • SwimEx hot and cold plunge tanks provide the ultimate aquatic recovery and rehabilitation environment.
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Fitzgibbon Hospital SwimEx“Our new SWIMEX 600T pool offers a diversity of low impact, high resistance aquatic therapies in both areas of Occupational and Physical Therapy. The patented SWIMEX water current creates an ideal environment for strength training and functional activities during all phases of the rehabilitation program.” Fitzgibbon Hospital Fitzgibbon Hospital logo





Body In Balance PT SwimExBody and Balance Physical Therapy loves how their SwimEx helps increase their patients’ recovery rate and allows them to begin therapy soon after surgery or injury. Body In Balancce PT Logo





SterlingcpSterling Physical Therapy uses the adjustable pool depths and current settings of their SwimEx to treat patients of all sizes and abilities.Sterling-Physical-e1375999974477






Sportho PT SwimExSportho Physical Therapy‘s SwimEx provides their patients with “an effective and secure environment for strength rehabilitation.”



Sportho PT logo