SwimEx - Aqua Therapy DVD Set: A better workout equals better therapy

Whether you are already offering Aquatic Therapy or new to it, this DVD set is a must have. It provides all you need to know about why and how using a Resistance Pool can offer both: Life-changing rehab or recovery AND the best conditioning an athlete could wish for! Watch hundreds of proven exercises that will spice up your sessions, train your staff and boost performance as well as therapeutic results.

Here is what you'll learn in this DVD Set:

How to
your SwimEx
Core Training
Understand the science and theory behind the SwimEx technology to take full advantage of all its benefits. (19:29) Graduate from the basics to a more advanced session with ROM, Strength, Stabilization and Sports Specific exercises including PNF - D1/D2 like you've never seen before! (28:43) Build the strength from within by mastering Front Rail Pikes, balancing against the flow, leveraging the handrails and so much more! (19:01) Learn how to use the laminar flow to increase ROM, enhance strength and stability, augment agility and employ Plyometrics. (27:36)

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People Love our Video…

"The content within these discs is fantastic. It displays therapeutic techniques using SwimEx technology for a huge range of clinical applications and problems. Any therapist new to aquatics will learn very useful techniques from this, and experienced therapists will certainly find tools for managing rehabilitative issues that they had not thought of previously. The video footage of using the SwimEx pools in so varied a manner for so many different clinical issues is beautifully shot. The material is organized in a systematic way, making access simple. I cannot recommend it too highly." - Bruce Becker, MD | WSU

"The video's are fantastic as they give the viewer a glimpse into the endless possibilities of the SwimEx. Our SwimEx allows for 3 variations in depth. This is important when patients have partial weight-bearing restrictions. We use the deep well for non-weightbearing and then put in one of the floor inserts when we receive partial weightbearing orders, and then progress them to all three inserts." - Kelly Pesanelli, PT | Boston University

"The DVDs are great! A wonderful tool that can be used to show how you can use the SwimEx for not only specific body parts or rehab, but for conditioning the entire kinetic chain. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to review your product." - Marc Oceguera, ATC | Pittsburgh Pirates

"Everyone has had good things to say about the DVDs. They are a great resource to brush up on the various ways to use the features of the pool. The DVDs are well organized and concise enough to get through them quickly based on the region of the body that you are looking for treatment ideas." - Tim Pedersen, PT | Clifton Rehabilitation

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