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SwimEx Home Swim Spa Pools

SwimEx Swim Spa Pools offer a suite of seven versatile engineering marvels with almost limitless options. All pools are handcrafted in the U.S.A. and are built to last for decades.

The two key factors to consider when selecting a SwimEx swim spa pool are:

  • Water depth (ranging from 42" to 72")
  • Your personal aquatic exercise goals (Current flows and integrated workstations)

With SwimEx, you'll get the pool that's right for you and your home!

Our experienced swim spa professionals can help you select the perfect fit for your needs! Contact us today!

Triton - New 2015 design coming soon

Affordable Luxury
This beautiful one piece pool features a wide open layout, 50 inch (127cm) water depth and two seats for relaxation.

400 OS
400 OS

The Original
A totally flat bottom with a uniform depth of 42 inches (107cm) and a 18 inch (46cm) deep current flow.

480 S

Wide Open Spaces
A totally flat bottom with a uniform depth of 48 inches (122cm) and a 28 inch (71cm) deep current flow.

500os 500s
500 OS / 500 S

Swim Spa Special
Built-in seats for exercise and relaxation. 1 or 4 piece, 50 in (127cm) depth, 18 inch (46cm) deep current flow and optional jet package.

600 S

Mt. EverestĀ 
Deep 60 inch (152.4cm) water depth with a deep-water running platform and a 10 inch (25.5cm) exercise step.

800 S

In the Deep End
66 inch (167.6cm) water depth offers freedom of open workspace, with a deep 30 inch (76cm) current flow.

1000 S

The Multi-Tasker
Our largest SwimEx. Four piece multi-depth, adjustable to depths of 38 inches (95.5cm) and 50 inches (127cm) with eight distinct workout stations.

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