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More than 130 Pro and College Teams use SwimEx Pools

September 27th, 2013
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A Montreal Canadiens player exercises in the team’s SwimEx 900T

What do the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, Montreal Canadiens and Green Bay Packers have in common, besides the fact that they’re all professional sports franchises?
Answer: They all have SwimEx pools in their training facilities.
These teams, along with nearly 50 other professional franchises and more than 80 college sports programs, use the strong, deep current generated by SwimEx’s unique paddlewheel technology to provide physical therapy to their elite athletes.
Graham Rynbend, Head Athletic Trainer for the Montreal Canadiens, said the team’s SwimEx 900T equipped with an integrated treadmill is used daily to treat injured players during the hockey season.
“We put the athletes into the pool before they’re able to do any other exercises. Even if they’re on crutches, we can get them into the pool and get them moving and exercising, which speeds up their recovery,” Graham said.
Prior to installing the SwimEx, the club had only a hot tub for aqua-based therapy, Graham said. “The SwimEx is by far the most important therapy modality that we’ve added,” he said.
With an overall depth of 66 inches (167.6cm), the 900T features a second floor level creating anywhere from 42 inches to 54 inches (107cm to 137cm) in water depth. Therapy patients can utilize shallow rehab stations as well as deep-water exercises. The optional integrated treadmills give athletes the ability to begin running against the SwimEx’s “wall of water” without bearing their full weight.
Ed Lacerte, head athletic trainer of the Boston Celtics, said the deep well and workstations in the team’s SwimEx 700T provide an effective mixture of therapeutic options for recovering athletes.
“Our deep water well is particularly important to us. It allows for a totally non-weight-bearing environment. Utilizing the pool’s multiple water depths and various workstations, athletes of different sizes and heights and in all stages of injury recovery can run, swim, or complete prescribed therapeutic exercise programs against the current,” Ed said.
The ability to avoid placing stress on an injured joint while rehabbing in the strong current provided by SwimEx pools worked out well when Percy Harvin, a star running back for the 2009 national champion Florida Gators, suffered a high ankle sprain and associated hairline fracture. University of Florida assistant athletic training Kyle Johnston said Harvin said the team’s SwimEx 700T played a crucial role in Harvin’s recovery.
“We used the SwimEx to help him regain his range of motion and strength through active plantar/dorsi flexion and inversion/eversion exercises with the foot attachment. It was used to unload the joint as we progressed him into jogging/running, and we used it to maintain his cardiovascular fitness and introduce him to explosive movements through agility exercises with the aid of the water’s buoyancy,” Kyle said.
The 130-plus pro and college teams with SwimEx pools in their training facilities feature athletes of all heights and weights who suffer injuries of all kinds. But they share one thing: Reliance on their SwimEx therapeutic pools to help their athletes recover from injuries.
SwimEx. Go with the Flow.

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