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Aqua Physio and their aqua fitness and physiotherapy programs

March 21st, 2014
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Aqua Physio is a state of the art aquatic therapy pool based in Lower Morden, Surrey, England.  They utilize their SwimEx pool for Aqua Fitness  and Aquatic Physiotherapy.    (Aquatic Physiotherapy is physiotherapy practised in warm water and can help relieve aches and pains, mobilise stiff joints and strengthen weak muscles.)

One of the owners, Wendy Skinner, had this to say:
” Thanks Swimex for a great pool. The versatility the pool gives with its different height floors and current is excellent in progression of injury rehabilitation. This has resulted in us having a very diverse case load and practice from very severe injuries and post orthopaedic surgery to runners wanting to run more miles without injury”

Check out their Aqua Fitness exercises!

WINNER: Merton Best New Business Award 2013
www.aqua-physio.co.uk             Tel: 020 8330 6777

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