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UConn’s success in athletics is undeniable. Their many winning seasons have gained the university well deserved national exposure. UConn is where world-class student athletes use world-class facilities and thrive. And their hydrotherapy rooms are no exception with a SwimEx hydrotherapy pool and multiple plunge pools.
UConn Athletic Trainer James DoranUConn’s hydrotherapy rooms in the Werth Family Basketball Champions Center and the Burton Family Complex feature SwimEx 600T pools with workout stations, platforms for running, and deep water wells ideal for non-weight bearing therapy and conditioning applications. In addition, they have SwimEx hot and cold plunge tanks for rehabilitation and recovery.

“Here at UConn, hard work has always preceded success.  With hard work, student-athletes will need something extra to get them ready for their next participation,” says UConn Athletic Trainer James Doran.  “SwimBurton Family Football ComplexEx has always been part of our process and used regularly by Uconn’s Athletic Trainers for our student-athletes.”

UConn’s success did not happen by accident. According to the school’s website, “It happened because of superb coaching and leadership, student athletes who amaze and inspire us, and home arenas and training facilities that are among the best sports environments in the country.”

The moment you step on campus, you feel tremendous Husky Pride and their training facilities emulate that same pride. SwimEx is proud to be a partner with UConn sports.

“Whether part of aWerth Family Basketball Champions Center rehabilitative, maintenance or recovery program, SwimEx is there for us – every day,” says Doran.

Congratulations to UConn! It is an incredible institution, and we wish them many more years of success.



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