SwimEx pools and plunge tanks are the go-to aquatic machines for the senior care community to keep people active and healthy.

Healthcare professionals recommend SwimEx to speed recovery from illness, injury and joint replacement. Assisted Living Centers choose SwimEx for the safest and most therapeutic workouts for their residents. From basic physical therapy to group exercise classes in the SwimEx 1000 T pool, professionals rely on SwimEx for the most advanced resistance pool available.

8 Achievable Outcomes of Aquatic Fitness and Therapy:

  1. Increased muscle mass
  2. Improved balance
  3. Improved core strength and better stability
  4. Increased range of motion and enhanced flexibility
  5. Faster metabolism and attainable weight loss
  6. Improved cardiovascular health
  7. Superior well-being for a healthier life!
  8. Water’s gentle environment builds the confidence to keep exercising.

6 Benefits of a SwimEx Pool:

  1. Adjustable water current that spans the entire width of the pool
  2. Safe, built-in exercise stations and stairs
  3. Varying water depths for weight bearing progression exercises
  4. 99 variable speeds – from a gentle water flow to a powerful current
  5. All fiberglass construction and gel-coat finish for extremely easy maintenance
  6. Various lift options including a aero degree entry level lift

hydrotherapy senior living

Aspenwood Senior Living Community. Situated in beautiful Silver Springs, MD,
this senior living community offers the finest in independent and assisted living.
It’s wellness center features this beautiful SwimEx pool.




hydrotherapy senior living

Killtipper Woods uses their SwimEx 1000T and the power of water
as what they say is ” the safest and progressive form of rehabilitation.”





hydrotherapy senior centers


Providence Care Centers Rehabilitation services are provided in this state-of-the-art facility with dedicated therapy rooms. The centerpiece is the Swimex 1000T therapy pool. The versatility of the pool allows for multi-patient, group and individual therapy sessions.



hydrotherapy back pain

California Spine Institute offers the highest quality rehabilitation services
available for prevention and management of industrial and sports injuries,
and SwimEx is part of the cure.





Bel-Air Manor SwimEx

Bel-Air Manor Nursing loves how the SwimEx allows
patients to exercise without putting weight on their fragile joints.





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hydrotherapy for senior health