Compare the Stream by SwimEx to Other swim current generators

When you compare the Stream by SwimEx to the Badu® SwimJet and Fastane by Endless Pools you will see why there is no comparison.

  installation needed electrician needed portable made in USA self contained unit marine grade components made for advanced swimmers? needs to be winterized quiet operation looks good!
Stream no no yes yes yes yes yes no yes yes!
Fastlane yes yes no yes no no yes yes no no
Badu® yes yes no no no no no no yes no

Not only does the Stream fit beautifully into your pool landscaping it can be wheeled away when not in use!


  Compare the Badu Swim Jets vs. the Fastlane® by Endless Pools® (video by Endless Pools) Fastlane noise level (video by FastLane customer)


  Setting up a Stream by SwimEx is this easy! Swimming for 3 mins against the Stream current is a good workout

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