Versatile Aquatic Exercise or Therapy Water Exercise Equipment

Aquatic Exercise Equipment From SwimEx

Maximize your workouts in your swimming pool by introducing water exercise equipment from SwimEx. This revolutionary pool exercise equipment is ideal for personal use, therapeutic conditioning or group fitness classes.

Aqua Bike
Aqua Bike

Based on the classic land-based stationary bicycle, the SwimEx Aqua Bike takes aerobic and fitness training to the swimming pool.

Aquatic Ellipse
Aquatic ellipse

Simulating the elliptical motions of running, the SwimEx Aquatic Ellipse is the first water exercise equipment of its kind.

SPT Portable Underwater Treadmill
Underwater Treadmill

Top Seller! The compact SPT Underwater Treadmill adds a whole new dimension of fun and fitness to any swimming pool.

Aquatic Cyclette
Aquatic Cyclette

The design of the Aquatic Cyclette allows the user to adjust the seat in a very low position, providing complete mobility of the knee. A great rehab tool!

Aquatic Recline
Aquatic Recline

Pedal while keeping your body immersed in water, with legs out in front. Ideal for knee and ankle rehab programs.

Catfish Pool and Spa Vac
Pool and Spa Vacuum

Some people think cleaning the pool is exercise but the Catfish hoseless and cordless vac makes it easy!

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