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Whether you’re looking for a lap pool, swim spa, or aquatic fitness pool, you’ve come to the right place. The versatility of SwimEx exercise pools make them the ultimate home pool. Perfect for swimming, aquatic exercise, therapy, or relaxation, SwimEx pools are made to order in the USA, and built to last.


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  • “After using the Triton for 2 years we decided to move, and the most important decision in our new home was where to put our new swim spa. I took the opportunity to swim in a variety of swim spas before deciding that the Triton was once again my top choice.”
    Seth Yellin SwimEx Homeowner, MD, FACS, Founder & Director, Marietta Facial Plastic Surgery, Laser & Aesthetics Center.
  • SwimEx is one of the best companies we've ever worked with. They are extremely professional, make a first class pool, and have a great customer service/technical department. After investigating several pool companies, SwimEx was our first choice. We then toured SwimEx headquarters and met with their staff (which we highly recommend). The SwimEx staff even helped us design our pool's indoor room as we built our new home specifically around their pool. It's been about six months since we moved in and we now swim almost daily. We're in the best shape of our lives and absolutely love the workout. Special thanks to all the SwimEx team for making our dream come true.
    Mark Hagenbrok SwimEx Homeowner
  • We tried a number of swim-in-place pools before selecting SwimEx as the one that was right for us. The staff at SwimEx did a fine job of answering questions, making suggestions, and providing guidance throughout the design/planning and construction phases. Prompt, courteous, and accurate. We have been enjoying our SwimEx since late Feb 2019--swimming every day and having a great experience. Kudos to the folks at SwimEx, our architect, and our builder--a great team! We highly recommend the SwimEx pools.
    Wayne Sternberger SwimEx Homeowner
  • “To me the pool is an insurance policy which pays off every day. I believe it should be used by anyone who believes in their own preventive healthcare. It is especially valuable for the aging individual who finds it hard to go to the local gym each day. As a general family pool, it gives an affordable and carefree way to have family time and fun.”
    Dr. Stewart & Roberta Lipton SwimEx Homeowner
  • Great workout at any time of the year. I swim almost every day for an hour to an hour and a half. I was a triathlete and had a craniotomy where they removed a good portion of my brain where the motor skills are located. This pool is a great substitute for a two-mile swim because one can stop at any time with no fear of drowning. By the way, ask for the digital display to show the speed of the current.
    Ann Nicholson SwimEx Homeowner

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