Veterinary Benefits

Hydrotherapy is a fast and effective tool for rehabilitation and training.

The power of a warm water current can be gentle enough for post surgery patients or strong enough to use as dog treadmills.  Working in water creates a non-weight-bearing environment to help eliminate stress on joints and muscles. The adjustable current is ideal for training, exercise and to help regain proper mechanics following surgery.


Three properties of water help create mechanical advantages that are based on simple physics.

1. Hydrostatic pressure creates a uniform support system for all immersed body parts. Benefits of this support include reduced swelling, improved circulation, and less joint stress and cardiovascular strain.
2. Buoyancy or the ability to float in water takes pressure off joints and muscles, providing relief to chronic discomfort. It gives patients a mechanical advantage to perform rehabilitation and recovery movements correctly without the inhibition of pain.
3. Viscosity (a fluid’s resistance to flow) creates assistance when moving with the water current and resistance when moving against it. This helps support a patient and build strength.

In the first stages of injury, treatments in the water can begin much earlier than those same treatments on land. Hydrotherapy protocols mean less pain and more support which equals faster, more effective recovery times.

Successfully treat the following range of conditions:

  • Sprains and strains
  • Arthritis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Pain management

The SwimEx 400 T series pools are built with specific features for veterinarians, including a walk-in ramp with stairs beside, providing easy entry and exit for both the clinicians and the animals.

The SwimEx team understands the needs of veterinary clinics, working with each client to meet their specific treatment objectives and protocols.



Try our simple ROI calculator and see for yourself how you can make this effective treatment option work for your clinic.

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