Exercise Pool Equipment for Therapy


Maximize your workouts in your exercise pool by introducing water exercise equipment available from SwimEx. This revolutionary pool exercise equipment is ideal for personal use, therapeutic conditioning or group fitness classes.

Aqua Bike

Based on the classic land-based stationary bicycle, the Aqua Bike brings aerobic exercise and fitness training to the swimming exercise pool. The Aqua Bike features five levels of resistance, light-weight stainless steel design, adjustable saddle seat and handlebars. The Aqua Bike enables both aerobic and muscle conditioning in a stress-free aquatic environment.

exercise pool: aquatic bike

Aquatic Drop-In Treadmill

The compact SPT Underwater Treadmill adds a whole new dimension of fun and fitness to any home exercise or rehabilitative program by allowing you to walk or run in a weight-free environment against the natural smooth resistance that only water can provide.

  • Revolutionary, low-cost, aquatic treadmill
  • Fits into any size SwimEx pool or other pools
  • Modern, lightweight design allows for quick and easy insertion and removal
  • Self-propelled with progressive resistance
    The SPT Under Water Treadmill has unmatched stability and performance – it’s perfect for exercise or therapy.


A flow-thru, high-speed turbine dampens the walkway belt movement for safe boarding – it exponentially increases resistance as the walking or running speed increases. The harder you work – the harder the aquatic treadmill works. The SPT’s unique flywheel mechanism keeps the treadmill moving for low impact, continuous walking or running.

Double Side Platform: Position the SPT Underwater Treadmill roller side up and you can enjoy a foot massage while taking a leisurely stroll. Flip the platform over, and the baseline resistance increases for a more intense workout.

The stainless steel handrail can be removed for swimming, inverting the platform, servicing, shipping and storage.

Large rounded corners and soft molded feet protect your toes, while holding the SPT Underwater Treadmill in place and keeping the interior of your pool in great shape.

aquatic drop in treadmill


Aquatic Exercise DVD Set

This DVD set is a must have. It provides all you need to know about why and how to use a resistance pool to maximize life-changing rehab and recovery AND achieve the best conditioning an athlete could wish for! Watch hundreds of proven exercises that will help accelerate your workout goals, train your staff, boost your performance goals  and/or maximize rehabilitation sessions.

exercise pool DVD set