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SwimEx proudly provides pools and plunge tanks to the brave military men and women who serve our country.

Water buoyancy minimizes pain, swelling and joint stress during aquatic rehabilitation and exercise.  Military personnel and veterans use this non-weight bearing, safe environment to rehabilitate, train and recover without risking further injury.

For military athletes, a SwimEx therapy and exercise pool assists in training.  With 99 programmable water current speeds, day to day workouts can be monitored for accuracy and optimum results.

SwimEx is a superior running machine that minimizes muscle soreness. There are three ways to run in a SwimEx:

  • Run from the back of the pool to the front and reverse direction and work different muscle groups with each lap. The power of the SwimEx current can challenge even the strongest runner.
  • Run on the angled running pad located at the back of the pools with workstations. This stability platform allows runners to run in place against the current.
  • Run on a built-in underwater treadmill. Use the treadmill alone or crank up the current for the ultimate running experience.
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