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bostonceltics“Our deep-water well is particularly important to us. It allows for a totally non-weight bearing environment. Utilizing the pool’s multiple water depths and various workstations, athletes of different sizes and heights and in all stages of injury recover can run, swim, or complete prescribed therapeutic exercise programs against the current.” Ed Lacerte, Head Athletic Trainer, Boston Celtics


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hydrotherapy“As a pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, I had several injuries, the majority of which were in my knees and hip. Since running to get in shape became too hard on my joints, I was excited when the Dodgers installed a SwimEx at their spring training facility. I used the SwimEx there and in several other ballparks around the league. I found that it not only helped with conditioning, but the movement and resistance I got in the water helped relieve stiffness and soreness in my pitching arm and the rest of my body. I retired four years ago and still battle with pain daily, which is why I recently purchased a SwimEx for my home. This way, I can stay in shape with little or no impact on my joints which will help immensely with my career as the father of three boys. I have had a great experience working with the staff at SwimEx. They have been very helpful with everything from choosing the right unit for my needs, to choosing colors, to working with my contractor for installation. The SwimEx makes exercise fun and as easy or difficult as you want your training to be. I have had great success with SwimEx in the past, and I look forward to good health in the future thanks to them!” Darren Dreifort


hydrotherapy“This will help Billiken athletes spend the least amount of downtime … it will also serve as a great teaching tool for our athletic training students.” St. Louis University




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