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From innovative construction to advanced water current systems, American made SwimEx pools are superior hyrdrotherapy machines for aquatic fitness and therapy. These custom pools are made to order and built to last. Here’s why.

In 1986, fiberglass pioneer Everett Pearson bought the paddlewheel water current patents from an MIT hydrodynamist.  Well-known for founding Pearson Yachts and bringing the first production line of sailboats to market, Pearson combined paddlewheel technology with years of design experience to build the first SwimEx fiberglass swim spa.

Today, these American made hydrotherapy pools are the preferred choice for professionals around the world. Constructed with the same fiberglass technique Pearson used to manufacture his high performance boats and aircraft, the manufacturing method produces durable aquatic machines that meet specific space requirements, applications, and room design.


custom plunge pool

SwimEx hydrotherapy pools pack a powerful punch in as little as 300-square feet of space. The largest SwimEx pool can extend up to 22′. Plunge pools can stretch as long as 46′ or go as deep as 7′. The custom cold plunge at the University of Louisiana was built large enough to accommodate the entire football team. SwimEx design engineers work with coaches, athletic trainers, and architects through every step of the process, providing layout recommendations, CAD drawings, technical information and code adherence advice.


Customize the pool with color. One of the many benefits of fiberglass is that the manufacturing process allows for different pool colors. This blue custom pool in Italy with the SwimEx advanced paddlewheel current makes it the ideal aquatic fitness machine for a full range of aquatic exercises and therapy protocols.


custom pools


Many elite sports teams brand their pools with logos and team colors. It’s easy to embed a logo into a fiberglass pool or choose from an array of pool tile colors to match any room design. The Cincinnati Reds incorporated their team colors into a custom pool, choosing red tiles to go with red and black work stations for specific aquatic exercises, including 45 degree plyometric pads, open and  closed kinetic exercise benches, steps and an angled running pad.

Cincinnati Reds


From different pool depths to varied workstations, steps, benches, deep wells, and integrated treadmills, fiberglass allows for a wide range of custom interior layouts.  Add an integrated treadmill, deep well, rear running pad, windows, and workstations for extreme function and versatility.


Since 1986, SwimEx has built American made fiberglass hydrotherapy fitness pools. Still owned and operated by the Pearson family, the company today is a world leader in the hydrotherapy industry. To start planning your ideal hydrotherapy room, download this free guide with tips and installation advice.


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