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Working out in an exercise pool is the ideal way to stay fit and healthy.  Water is a safe and effective tool, providing superior resistance and support with less joint stress. Aquatic exercises build muscle, help improve cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and are great for any ability level. Check out these easy to follow videos on bicep stretches, kick board exercises and running in the water.

Shoulders should be stretched often. Throughout the day, we use them to perform simple tasks, like working on the computer, driving, or getting dressed. If you’re an athlete, your shoulders get used (and sometimes overused) even more. Shoulder stretches are important but they can be dangerous. If the shoulder is overstretched there can be harm to the shoulder, head pain, neck pain, among other issues. This video demonstrates how to effectively perform shoulder stretches in an exercise pool

Core exercises are an important component of a fitness routine. They improve balance and stability. They help train the pelvic muscles so hips, lower back and abdomen work in tandem. A variety of core exercises can be performed in an exercise pool. Push-and-pull style pool exercises encourage proper posture. They can be performed using pool barbells or medicine balls.  Using a kick board will cover a wider surface area and make the exercise more challenging. Most kick boards are made out of waterproof plastic or foam. Some come with an ergonomic strap, which is helpful for anyone suffering with wrist or carpal tunnel problems. This video demonstrates how to make the most of your kick board in an exercise pool.

Running on hard surfaces can be harsh on your muscles and joints. Running in water on the other hand reduces the impact, yet also creates resistance. Submerged in water your weight is reduced up to 90% depending on the water depth. For example, a 150-pound runner underwater carries only 15 pounds of body weight. With less weight to carry, you minimize injury risk and undue stress. Try running against a pool with a water current or use underwater treadmill for even more resistance.

Working out in an exercise pool is ideal for people of any age or any ability level. It’s a great way to get stronger, recover from injury, and stay healthy. Want to workout like a champion? Clink the link below to see how the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago Cubs workout!

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