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Park City Utah attracts some of the best winter sports athletes in the world and that demands the best facilities. Mountain Top PT clinic has the best there is to offer.  Their clinic features a SwimEx aquatic therapy pool.

Read about their success in Mountain Express Magazine’s Modern Advances in Sports Medicine article.

Excerpt from article:
Mountain Top Physical Therapy is Park City’s newest PT office and offers many state-of-the-art features. Perhaps the most impressive is their Swimex aquatic physical therapy pool, which is a rare find outside of a hospital environment.

“Water is an ideal setting for exercise for clients who have difficulty with physical activities due to arthritis, recent injuries, or excessive weight,” said Preston Hall, PT and owner.mtpt3

Our pool reduces the stress put on injured areas during physical activity tremendously. For example, a 200-pound person would only weigh 100-pounds in waist-deep water. This reduced weight while exercising in their pool allows for vasodilation of blood vessels. This promotes blood flow to the injury site, and results in an increased oxygen and nutrient supply, which vastly improves the healing process. Further, when patients are moving in water their blood circulation increases, which facilitates decreased swelling in their lower extremities. This, coupled with water’s natural resistance, allows for a much more thorough and beneficial workout. Temperature is a further beneficial aspect of aquatic therapy, which is performed in heated water around 94 degrees. The soothing effects of warm water help muscles and joints to relax and improve blood circulation. This heat is especially beneficial for patients with back muscle pain.

“Our patients receive individualized exercise programs that combine aquatic and land therapies,” expanded Hall. “By utilizing both water and land therapy protocols, we have found that our patients achieve incredible results with shorter recovery time.”mtpt

Testimonial from MTPT patient:

Swim-Ex has played an extremely important role in my early recovery from a broken ankle! Before I could bear weight, I was able to build my muscles and stay in shape through the resistance from the underwater current. Also, I could start walking on the underwater treadmill to build my confidence. Because I did this, walking on dry ground was much easier. With the help of Swim-Ex and my wonderful physical therapist, Preston Hall, I will be back to playing volleyball more quickly than I thought to be possible!

Kristi R.

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