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Providence College Athletic Trainers know the value of aquatic therapy. They use SwimEx pools in two separate athletic facilities on campus. All varsity athletic teams compete at the NCAA Division I level and 15 of 19 teams play in the highly competitive Big East Conference, including men’s and women’s basketball.

“We liked the SwimEx over other brands for several reasons. For us, SwimEx is made in Massachusetts and we want to support the local economy. Plus, the thinking was if there were any issues down the road we would have good technical support nearby. Secondly, we liked the SwimEx for its strong current for rehab,” says John Rock, ATC, Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine.

We’re using the SwimEx based on rehab protocols,” said Rock. “Right now we have four athletes recovering from ACL reconstructive surgery. We also have two athletes recovering from shoulder surgery and other athletes with a variety of injuries using the SwimEx. With all the sports we have, there are a multitude of uses for hydrotherapy and its versatility in general is very positive so far.”


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From the Providence Website: Athletic training has been a part of Providence College athletics for more the 70 years. Providence College’s first athletic trainer was Mal Brown, who provided care to student-athletes dating back to the 1930’s. Over the years, Athletic Training has expanded and grown along with the College’s athletic department. From the days of Mal Brown to today, the Athletic Training department has evolved to a fully staffed, state-of-the-art, Sports Medicine Department with four, fully functional facilities.

Associate Athletic Director for Sports Medicine John Rock oversees the athletic training services with a staff that consists of five assistant athletic trainers and two graduate assistants. The entire staff is certified by the National Athletic Trainers’ Association, licensed by the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation and has collectively more than 50 years of athletic training experience. Rock and his staff, along with a host of student athletic trainers, are responsible for the health and care of the 19 NCAA Division I sports at the College, which includes more than 300 student-athletes.

One of the injuries that athletes get is a sprained ankle. Download this free case study with a sample progression for hydrotherapy exercises.

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