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Baseball Champions Use Hydrotherapy to Win

The Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians are baseball champions that train hard and play hard. But to be the best, you need to have the best. And when it comes to recovery, training, and rehab there’s nothing better than hydrotherapy.


For spring training, the Cubs baseball operation relocates from Chicago to Arizona, allowing them ultimate year-round player development.  Their 15,000-seat spring training stadium has six practice fields, a community park, and a full training facility that includes a state-of-the-art hydrotherapy room packed with elite machines built specifically for aquatic training and rehab.

Chicago Cubs Baseball Champions

These baseball champions have 4 SwimEx plunge pools (2 hot and 2 cold) and a SwimEx 1000T hydrotherapy pool with an integrated treadmill. The SwimEx 1000T is ideal for rehabilitation, conditioning, and high-intensity training. The non-weight bearing properties of water combined with this pool’s large size and extreme functionality give them the best in hydrotherapy.

Hydrotherapy Exercises

The SwimEx hot plunge pools are perfect for warming injuries to help increase overall mobility with range-of motion exercises. The SwimEx cold plunge pools, where the water ranges from 40° to 60°, are great after games and practices to effectively cool the body and decrease swelling, muscle soreness, and lactic acid build up.


The Indians use a SwimEx 600 T DW pool for the ultimate in aquatic training, recovery and conditioning. This extremely powerful pool has the added advantage of a deep-water running well for tototal non-weight bearing rehabilitation, conditioning applications and more aggressive therapy. It features eight distinct workstations, eight tethering ports, and a running platform.

Cleveland Indians

Hydrotherapy helps players stay in the game and win. Sports medicine professionals count on it for being fast, gentle and highly effective. The Cubs and Indians know that, and the proof is in their run for the world series!

To learn how to plan the ultimate hydrotherapy room for your team, download this free guide.

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