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Big demands are placed on athletes to stay in the game and win. Yet winning a game can be directly related to how fast athletes rehab from injury or recover after practice. These six elite teams use custom plunge pools for successful recovery and rehabilitation.


Green Bay has custom plunge pools big enough for the entire team. Their hydrotherapy room features a 24′ 6″ custom cold plunge to accommodate multiple players at the same time. The plunge has wide access steps on one end so players can easily enter and exit the pool.

plunge pools

Green Bay also has two custom hot plunge pools – one is 12′ long and one is 18′ long for maximum results.


2. University of Louisiana’s Ragin’ Cajuns

The University of Louisiana’s Ragin’ Cajuns insist their athletes take the plunge – a cold one – to accelerate post-workout recovery. Their cold plunge can accommodate the entire football team. It measures 7′ 9″ wide x 35′ long. There are benches down each length, a stair entry on both ends, and multiple jets with independent zones.

hydrotherapy room design

3. New England Patriots

The Patriots have both hot and cold custom plunge pools. Each one is 16′ long with seats that run along one side of the pool for extreme function.  Click here for a video of the Patriots Training Facility.

New England Patriots

4. New York Rangers

The Rangers have hot and cold plunge pools that are 4 1/2′ deep with no benches. This interior layout maximizes the treatment area and allows for full body immersion, especially at the shoulders.

custom plunge pools

5. New York Knicks

The Knicks have a 4 ½’ deep hot plunge pool with benches. Their cold plunge has no benches but has multiple depths with the deepest depth at 5 1/2′ for extreme versatility.

knicks custom plunge pools

6. Troy University

Troy University took their custom plunge pool to great lengths. In addition to two medium hot and cold plunge pools, they ordered a 40′ long custom cold plunge for ultimate hydrotherapy.

Troy University


SwimEx manufactures custom plunge pools to suit a variety of applications: longer lengths, deeper depths, no benches, benches on one side, stairs, no stairs, different colors, logo tiles, and more. Order one as long as 46′ or as deep as 7′ to meet specific training and rehab protocols.

All SwimEx plunge pools are free-standing, self-supporting, and can be installed in-ground or above ground. The solid fiberglass construction provides superior temperature retention and unmatched beauty. Ideal for locker rooms, athletic training facilities, and fitness centers, they have a bottom drain for easy cleaning, come in four standard sizes, can be custom built, and delivered in sections for tight access areas.

aquatic therapy design

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