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The College of the Holy Cross has a new state-of-the art aqua therapy room, thanks to the help from alumni, parents, friends, and supporters.  Check out how the hydrotherapy pools in their new room help keep athletes game-ready.

Holy Cross ranks No. 7 on Money Magazine’s list of “Small Colleges,” No. 15 on its list of “Most Trans-formative Colleges” and No. 42 overall on the publication’s list of “Best Colleges for Your Money,” in 2018.  The school sponsors 27 varsity teams.  The new sports medicine facility in the Hart Center at the Luth Athletic Complex demonstrates the high level of commitment the school has to their students and student athletes.

Why Aqua Therapy Works

The Holy Cross aqua therapy room features SwimEx hot and cold plunge pools.  Cold plunge pools minimize aching muscles, help to inhibit lactic acid build up,  and reduce soreness following a workout. This chiller system keeps water temperatures at a therapeutic 50°F (10°c). The insulated fiberglass shell keeps consistently cold temperatures with minimal maintenance and lower cooling costs.

Aqua Therapy

Hot plunge pools works wonders on sore limbs and joints before practice, games, and while recovering from injury. The warm water reduces pain, swelling, and facilitates muscle recovery to get back in the game fast. The heating system in the SwimEx hot plunge pools brings water temperature up to 104° F (40° c). The insulated fiberglass shell keeps consistent temperatures with minimal maintenance and lower heating costs.

SwimEx plunge pools create the ultimate recovery and revitalization environment. Available in four standard sizes (pre-assembled or in sections for tight access areas), they can also be custom ordered to fit into existing spaces. The modular design is ideal for locker rooms or athletic training facilities.

Click here to see more photos of the updated sports medicine facility at the new Hart center. Plan your ideal hydrotherapy room today with this free guide with tips and installation advice.

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