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Hydrotherapy Exercises: Infographics to treat common injuries

Most common injuries must heal completely before returning to a work-out routine and/or normal use. But letting injuries heal can often mean inactivity. If you want to stay active and in shape during rehab, hydrotherapy exercises let you do just that. These three infographics include top tips and step-by-step hydrotherapy for anterior shoulder dislocation, lumbar disc herniation and ankle sprain recovery to stay healthy as you recover.

The properties of water are key to why you can exercise as you heal. The buoyancy of water creates a non-weight bearing environment. Therefore, you can exercise with less stress on joints and muscles.  In addition, hydrostatic pressure supports muscles during exercise.

Click on the images below to download and print each infographic.


Anterior shoulder dislocation is a common injury, especially for athletes and active individuals. These aquatic exercises will help you stay in shape while you heal.anterior shoulder dislocation


Hydrotherapy is a powerful alternative to surgery and can effectively help manage this injury. This infographic provides aquatic exercise and therapy protocols for lumbar disc herniation.

lumbar disc herniation


The lateral ligaments of an ankle can often be damaged in sprained ankles. A complete rehabilitation program for a lateral ankle sprain can mean the difference between a fully healed ankle and a more serious sprain down the road.

One of the most effective ways to treat a lateral ankle sprain is hydrotherapy.  The non-weight bearing property of water makes it possible to exercise as the ankle heals. Check out the exercises below with tips and exercises for treating an ankle sprain.

ankle sprain recovery

Once you’ve tried aquatic therapy, you’ll quickly realize the benefits of this powerful tool. You may even decide that investing in a hydrotherapy pool of your own is right for your facility or even your own home.

swim spa ROI calculator


Deb Cox

Written by Deb Cox

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