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When designing our physical therapy clinic with aquatics as our specialty, we wanted to provide the highest quality aquatic rehabilitation in our area. We purchased our first SwimEx hydrotherapy pool in 1996.

We rehabilitate a wide spectrum of orthopedic conditions, including spine (pre and post operative), hip, knee, and ankle injuries and surgeries, generalized arthritis, and chronic pain conditions to name a few. Aquatic therapy in our SwimEx pool allows patients to improve mobility, strength, stability, and cardiovascular conditioning in a decreased weight bearing environment, which typically allows for quicker progression with less pain.

We have been able to successfully individualize treatment plans for the past 20years.

How we Chose the Right Hydrotherapy Pool

We chose a model from the SwimEx 600T series. It has a 4-foot extension for our 2800 square foot space.Deciding factors in selecting to go with SwimEx included the versatility available with multiple water depth levels, variety of work stations to customize treatment programs, and the resistive laminar flow water current only available with a SwimEx pool.

The SwimEx pool system has been a reliable treatment tool for our company. Our pool’s daily operation is directly proportional to the revenue in our business. I have been responsible for our pool maintenance since opening in 1996. I am extremely impressed with the durability of the SwimEx pool system. I feel that the mechanical engineering of the SwimEx allows the pool to operate efficiently. Preventative maintenance has been essential to the longevity of our pool. The laminar flow wheel that provides the advanced water current is utilized up to 10 hours per day, Monday thru Friday. In addition, I have experienced exceptional technical support from SwimEx over the years. We opened our second location in 2002 and installed another SwimEx 600T model with a 4-foot extension.

In summary, two pools and 17 years later, Aquatichydrotherapy pool Fitness Inc. continues to provide the best Aquatic Rehabilitation in the St. Louis region utilizing the SwimEx pool systems.

by Todd Pratt O.T.R./L , Aquatic Fitness Inc., Cell: 314-614-3125

Aquatic Fitness has clinics in St. Louis and O’Fallon MO. Visit them at www.goaquatic.com for more information.

Aquatic Fitness, Inc. provides aquatic and land based physical therapy for a wide range of diagnoses. Aquatic therapy is physical therapy using a warm water treatment environment. This form of therapy reverses the effects of gravity thereby reducing the pain associated with joint stress and weight bearing. Treatment involves various exercises based upon an individual patient diagnosis.


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