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UConn’s success in athletics is undeniable, but success for UConn doesn’t happen by accident.  It is a university where they provide world-class student athletes with world-class facilities.  Within their training rooms, they use state-of-art hydrotherapy pools and plunge pools. Here’s a look inside.

“From the moment you step on campus, you feel tremendous Husky Pride,” says UConn athletic trainer James Doran.  “But a lot of hard work precedes success and our athletes know this. That’s why we offer students the best there is and make sure they get something extra to make them as ready as they can be for their next participation,” says Doran.

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UConn’s hydrotherapy rooms in the Werth Family Basketball Champions Center and the Burton Family Complex use SwimEx 600 T hydrotherapy pools and SwimEx hot and cold plunge pools.  The SwimEx 600 T pool is the most powerful aquatic therapy machine on the market today. It features a 99 speed water current, independent performance zones for targeted exercises, angled plyo pads, open/closed chain kinetic exercise benches, platforms for running against the current, and deep water wells ideal for non-weight bearing therapy and conditioning applications.  

The cold plunge pools, used to minimize aching muscles and reduce soreness, are ideal following workouts or practices. The warm plunge pools work wonders on sore limbs and joints by reducing pain and swelling to facilitate muscle recovery and get athletes back in the game fast.

“SwimEx pools have always been part of our process. They are used regularly by Uconn’s athletic trainers.  Whether we use the pools as part of our rehabilitative program, maintenance or recovery, SwimEx is our go-to hydrotherapy equipment.  They are always there for us – every day,” says Doran.

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