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Patriots athletic trainers earn Staff of the Year honors from Ed Block Courage Award

According to a New England Patriot’s release, their athletic trainers earned Staff of the Year honors from the Ed Block Courage Award. The release states, “For their steadfast commitment to protecting the health, safety and careers of their players on a daily basis, the New England Patriots athletic training staff has been named the 2016 Ed Block Courage Award NFL Athletic Training Staff of the Year.”

In 2014, the Patriots renovated their training facility at Gillette Stadium. The space features 2 custom built SwimEx plunge pools – one hot and one cold – and a SwimEx hydrotherapy pool.

Patriots Hydrotherapy Pool

The team chose to incorporate their existing SwimEx pool into the new design. The pool they own is the most powerful aquatic therapy machine in the SwimEx pool line-up. This versatile pool has adjustable depths of 48” and 60” (122cm and 152cm). It features the most powerful water current on the market, eight distinct workstations (including angled plyo pads, open/closed chain kinetic exercise benches), and an angled platform for aquatic running. There are also six tethering ports that lock in for non-weight-bearing protocols.  This pool is ideal for rehabilitation after injury, strength training, and conditioning.

athletic trainers

Patriots Plunge Pool

The New England Patriots designed two custom plunge pools for the facility. The cold plunge pool has an extra long side seat on one side to accommodate more players.

Patriots Plunge Pools


Built in the USA and sold factory direct, SwimEx is the preferred choice for athletic training professionals around the world.


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