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The physical therapy degree program at Salt Lake Community College in Utah offers aquatics to students who want to learn the latest in hydrotherapy techniques and exercises.  The students utilize the pool for class and as a pro-bono clinic for the community.

This physical therapy assistant program enables students to get hands on aquatic therapy training while providing state-of-the-art care to patients at the school’s pro-bono clinic.

Physical Therapy Degree Program Objectives

Salt Lake Community College Physical Therapist Assistant program utilizes their hydrotherapy pool in the following ways:

  • Student instruction for both physical therapist assistant and occupational therapy assistant students. Instruction includes the use of case studies/patient scenarios.
  • Aquatic therapy interventions for the pro-bono on-site clinic physical therapy patients. The clinic is student-run. Patients who receive treatments have the opportunity to use the pool if appropriate for their care.

According to Program Director Diana Ploeger, the SwimEx 1000T pool is a great teaching resource and enables uninsured patients to receive high-tech care. Sometimes the students design home exercise programs for the patients to do in their neighborhood pools.

physical therapy degree

“Students appreciate the opportunity to implement what they have learned in class through individual practice and providing aquatic therapy interventions under the direct supervision of a physical therapist, says Ploeger. “Physical therapy clinic patients are pleased with the opportunity to receive treatments utilizing aquatic therapy as well as land-based techniques.”

Exercise Examples

  • For a back patient, the deep end is utilized with some ankle weights and swim noodle in order to provide gentle spinal distraction.
  • For bariatric clients, the pool is utilized for aerobic exercise with less weight bearing on lower extremity joints.
  • For a patient with balance issues, the water and some resistance provides challenges not possible during land-based therapy.

“The students really enjoy the opportunity of learning aquatic therapy through hands-on experiences.  Graduates report being prepared for employment in an aquatic therapy setting.”

The SwimEx Competitive Advantage

SwimEx specializes in the design and manufacturing of superior fiberglass rehab and exercise hydrotherapy pools. Their focus is centered upon controlling the therapeutic properties of water used for aquatic therapy to provide a stress-free environment for rehabilitation, training and exercise. The SwimEx water current is powerful enough to challenge the most advanced swimmer or athlete, yet gentle enough to meet the therapeutic requirements of even the most frail patient. The superiority of a SwimEx aquatic machine means patients get a better workout, more effective aquatic therapy, and consistent outcomes.

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