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When the Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolves) UK football club wanted hot and cold plunge pools, they were challenged with space limitations. The pools needed to fit into an existing room, the access was tight, yet they still wanted extreme function.  Working closely with SwimEx engineers, they got pools small enough for the space that are comfortable for the players, yet specifically meet their rehab needs.

The 2017-2018 season for the Wolves was very successful.  They earned a spot in the Premier League after a six-year absence.  As the first club to score 100 goals in four consecutive seasons, and the first to score 7,000 league goals, they want to keep this momentum moving forward.

Plunge pools are ideal training, rehab and recovery tools. The Wolves knew if they got the right pools for their team’s treatment objectives, they would successfully achieve their goals. Here’s how the Wolves did it and how you can too.

1. Pool Size

Plunge Pools

SwimEx plunge pools pack a powerful punch in as little as 300 sq. ft. of space. While the largest SwimEx plunge can stretch as long as 45′ or be as deep as 7′, in this case small was their ticket to success.

The first challenge for the Wolves was access.  The pools needed to fit down a narrow hallway.  SwimEx built and delivered the extra-small pools in sections, then assembled them on-site. Fully assembled, the Wolve’s pools are 7’9″x 6′ 3/4″.

The next challenge was making sure the extra small pools were still comfortable for the players.  To keep the players comfortable when standing in the small bottom area, SwimEx designed drain suctions into the side of the pools as opposed to the standard SwimEx bottom drains.

Plunge Pools

2. Interior Layout

From different pool depths and lengths to varied workstations, steps, benches, deep wells, and integrated treadmills, fiberglass allows for a wide range of custom interior layouts.

Although the final dimensions of the Wolve’s plunge pools are small, players can successfully perform the same activities and achieve the same results as they would in a larger pool.


plunge pools3.Pool and Tile Color

Many elite sports teams want to brand their pools with logos and team colors. The Wolves did too. It’s easy to embed a logo into a SwimEx fiberglass pool. You can also choose from an array of pool tile colors to match the room design.

The Wolves used their team colors on the tiles and had their logo embedded in the corners.





In addition to their new plunge pools, the Wolves have a SwimEx 600 T series hydrotherapy pool that was installed above ground in 2005. Extremely powerful, this aquatic machine features a deep-water well for total non-weight bearing rehabilitation and conditioning protocols. It has eight distinct performance zones and an angled running platform to run against the powerful SwimEx current without a treadmill.

Plunge Pools

Many SwimEx clients choose SwimEx pools to meet their specific treatment goals. One of the latest requests are for extra-long plunge pools. Some of the teams using them include the Green Bay Packers, Denver Broncos, Troy University and the University of Louisiana.

cold plunge pools

Start planning your ideal hydrotherapy room. Achieve success with SwimEx like the Wolves and many elite sports teams worldwide. Download this free guide with tips and installation advice.

hydrotherapy design


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