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When the residents of Plymouth Place Senior Living choose an activity, they hit the water. Exercising, therapy, and fun for senior health is easy in this state-of-the-art hydrotherapy pool, keeping them healthy and happy.


senior health“I have always enjoyed being in a pool,” says resident Karen Nordquist.  “Although I am not a strong swimmer, I like spending my time in the pool swimming laps or in aquatics class. It’s a great, all around form of exercise.”

Plymouth Place has been a local landmark in La Grange Park, Illinois, for more than 70 years.  Located in Chicago’s western suburbs, they offer comprehensive life care and a full continuum of retirement living. Built specifically for therapy and exercise, their SwimEx 1000T pool creates a big impact in a small footprint. The interior pool layout has separate stations that feature a water current for swimming or exercise, a deep well and plenty of space for group classes.

“It’s a perfectly-sized pool that accommodates lap swimmers without taking up a lot of space,” says Camilla Saban, wellness coordinator and personal trainer at Plymouth Place.  “The water current offers adjustable settings that I can easily program from one session to the next. I can always find just the right setting to challenge residents of any ability.”

senior health


In Plymouth Place’s Aqua Fit classes, residents work on cardio, strength, balance and endurance, using the water to maximize relaxation and stability.  They have an in-house aquatic physical therapy program and use the pool for private therapy sessions with residents as well as community members.  There is also a separate men’s class where participants dance, sing, and play basketball.   hydrotherapy exercises

“We found the men enjoyed different activities and music while in the water so we made a separate program for them,” says Saban.  “We like to keep things moving.”

Resident Frank Balow, 76, takes the class to increase his strength and finds the resistance of the water current helps him with balance. “We have fun playing basketball. We laugh and talk the whole time and all the while we’re getting our exercise,” he says.

American-made since 1986, SwimEx pools and plunge tanks feature superior fiberglass construction, a variety of installation options, customized interior layouts, and advanced water current systems. From initial design to post installation training and support, the SwimEx team works closely with each customer to create the ultimate hydrotherapy environment for their specific needs.


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Written by Deb Cox

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