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Uconn’s winning hydrotherapy room

October 30, 2017 / by
UConn’s success in athletics is undeniable, but success for UConn doesn’t happen by accident.  It is a university where they provide world-class student athletes with world-class facilities.  Within their training rooms, they use state-of-art hydrotherapy pools and plunge pools. Here’s a look inside. “From the moment you step on campus,... Read More
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Top Benefits of an Aquatic therapy Room

February 2, 2017 / by
Aquatic therapy can revolutionize how athletes train, condition, recover, and rehabilitate. But, what is aquatic therapy? What are its benefits and how can you create a successful hydrotherapy space? Top Uses for Water Therapy Rehabilitate following injury Train and Condition Recover muscles before and after practice Benefits Minimize joint stress... Read More
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New England Patriots Athletic Training Staff Honored

January 23, 2017 / by
Patriots athletic trainers earn Staff of the Year honors from Ed Block Courage Award According to a New England Patriot’s release, their athletic trainers earned Staff of the Year honors from the Ed Block Courage Award. The release states, “For their steadfast commitment to protecting the health, safety and careers of... Read More
denver broncos

Denver Broncos: Using Hydrotherapy to help win the superbowl

February 8, 2016 / by
What helps a team win the Super Bowl? Head athletic trainer of the Denver Broncos, Steve Antonopulos, uses hydrotherapy to rehabilitate and condition his players. The benefits of water power go far beyond traditional training techniques. “Anytime that you can exercise a player without gravity in the initial stages of an injury... Read More
new england patriots

New England Patriots New Training Facility

December 10, 2015 / by
A New Training Facility for the Patriots At the end of the 2014 season, the New England Patriots renovated their training facility at Gillette Stadium – and SwimEx was a staple in their hydrotherapy room. The space features 2 custom built plunge pools – one hot and one cold.  The team... Read More
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Athletic Training Room Makeover: Green Bay Packers Hydrotherapy Room

November 19, 2015 / by
Green Bay Packers’ Lambeau Field is arguably one of the most distinguished stadiums in the country. Their five-year expansion showcases an effective and beautiful athletic training room. The upgraded football facilities and Conditioning, Rehabilitation and Instructional Center (CRIC) located underneath the Oneida Nation Gate includes a 35-yard indoor field, weight room,... Read More
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Ragin’ Cajuns Boost Workout Recovery with Hydrotherapy Room

October 5, 2015 / by
Hydrotherapy Room Design Post workout recovery should never be an afterthought. The University of Louisiana’s Ragin’ Cajuns insist their athletes take the plunge – a cold one – to accelerate post-workout recovery in their new hydrotherapy room. Read more about how this 35′ cold plunge pool gets the job done... Read More
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Sports Teams Use Hydrotherapy to Stay in the Game and Win

April 12, 2015 / by
What do the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers, Montreal Canadiens and Green Bay Packers have in common? They all use SwimEx hydrotherapy pools and plunge pools for aquatic fitness and therapy. Teams who Aquatic Fitness and Therapy for Success These teams, along with 130 professional and... Read More