Ultimate Home Swim Spa

Home Swim Spa and Therapy Pool

The 400 Series pools are superior swim spas with a completely flat bottom for the ultimate in aquatic swimming and exercise. Featuring 99 adjustable water speeds, a non-skid surface and swim arrow, the 400 Series pools can accommodate all ability levels.  The paddlewheel-generated water current is driven by a 5-hp drive system. The water circulates through a false bottom floor for the smoothest, most even water current on the market.

400 OS
This wide-open, flat bottom pool features a uniform depth of 42” (107 cm) and provides the flexibility to either drop in exercise equipment or keep it clear for multiple users, exercising, and family fun. The 400 OS is a one-piece pool.

480 S
The 480 S can be delivered in four sections for tight access installations or pre assembled at the factory. In addition, this pool has a 48” water depth and 28” deep water current.

  • Pre-installed inlet and outlet fittings
  • Stainless steel electropolished front and rear grates
    (grates are NSF listed for suction entrapment)
  • 5 hp electric motor
  • Ozonator
  • Custom fit thermal blanket
  • Start-up treatment and test kit
  • Annual maintenance kit
  • Water vacuum
  • Filtration system (5.5kw electric heater, 1 hp pump,
    75-sq ft (6.9 square meter) cartridge filter)
  • Rear emergency shut-off bar
  • Non-skid floor surface
  • Recessed ladder with stainless steel handrails
  • 2 stainless steel front handrails
  • Swim arrow with choice of color

For more information visit our features and options page.

Technical components can vary to local standards.

Pool Specs 400 OS

  • Pool Size: 7’7″ x 17’8″ x 4’10” (2.31m x 5.38m x 1.47m)
  • Water Dimensions: 6’3″ x 11’9″
  • Pit Size: 12′ x 20′ x 4’10” (3.66m x 6.1m x 1.47m)
  • Pool Weight with equipment: 3,200 lbs (1,451kg)
  • Pool Volume: 2600 gal (9841 l)
  • Pool Filled Weight: 25,000 lbs(1,133kg)
  • Load Bearing: 425lbs sq ft (2074.31 kg/m2)

Pool Specs 480 S

  • Pool Size: 7’7″ x 17’6″ x 5’10” (2.31cm x 5.33cm x 1.78cm)
  • Water Dimensions: 6’3″ x  11’9″
  • Pit Size: 12′ x 20′ x 5’10” (3.66m x 6.1m x 1.78m)
  • Pool Weight with equipment: 3,500 lbs (1,587kg)
  • Pool Volume: 3200 gal (12,112 l)
  • Pool Filled Weight: 31,000 lbs (14,061kg)
  • Load Bearing: 460 lbs sq.ft. (2245 kg/m2)


Home Swim Spa

home swim spa

400 OS/480 S:

  • EDGE touchscreen monitor to program and display your workout
  • 7.5 hp drive system for faster water speeds
  • Custom pool and coping colors
  • Custom waterline tiles
  • In-pool fiberglass stairs with stainless steel handrail (vs standard recessed steps)
  • Natural gas or propane heater vs standard electric heater
  • Hardtop safety cover
  • Manual security cover
  • 2 stainless steel side handrails
  • 2 underwater lights
  • Hydrotherapy jet system with up to 12 jets
    (includes 2 hp pump and controller)

480 S:

  • 8-Piece multi-sectional design for access into tight areas
  • 2′ (61 cm) extension increasing pool length
    (up to a maximum of three 2′ extensions)
  • Assembly of pool at factory
  • For more information visit our features and options page.

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