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This homeowner wanted a place to workout throughout the year and the 500 OS was perfect. One-piece fiberglass construction made it easy to install this above ground lap pool. A deck was built around it, resulting in a beautiful installation overlooking the ocean. The pool has built-in molded seats to sit and enjoy the view after swimming and exercising.

from balcony

The SwimEx 500 S (500S/500OS) Series Swim Spas are elite swimming machines. These easy-to-maintain fiberglass pools have a 50” (127 cm) water depth for extreme versatility, power and resistance. The state-of-the-art water system has 99 speeds and an 18” (46cm) deep current to match any fitness level.  Channels on each pool side create built-in seats for additional exercise options. Optional jets can be added behind each seat for optimum recovery and relaxation.

A running pad, swim arrow and front steps offer additional exercise options. Add a deep water well or an integrated underwater treadmill for even more workout versatility. The flexibility of these swimming machines are ideal for any home, and SwimEx custom pool options will complement any interior or exterior design.

Try out simple Pool Selector tool to find the perfect swim spa for your home or lifestyle.

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