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Swim spas make ideal above ground pools. And this pool is making a big splash in Dallas.

“It’s been seven months since we started exercising in our SwimEx, and I am still swimming and exercising five days a week,” says this homeowner, who affectioinately calls her SwimEx pool enclosure the “boat house.”  She discusses what it’s like to own her own swim spa.

“Many of my friends couldn’t believe we went “all out” and built a heated/cooled room for our pool. Frankly, the cash outlay was a bit scary. Now, I can’t imagine what took so long to take the plunge.

indoor pool

Even when it’s 20 degrees outside, I can walk the 30 steps to the pool house and get a nice work out. What’s more: my back and knees never felt better! Sure I saw the commentary that swimming and water aerobics are good exercise. But, these folks haven’t used a SwimEx. The quiet, strong, wide and deep current aren’t just great for swimming, but perfect for effortlessly stretching your spine. Hold on to the front bars and let the water do the work. Then use the back running board to run for the equivalent of miles without any aches or even twinges. On the mornings after a swim, I ease out of bed without as much stiffness and less aches. While I sure know I’m no longer 20, the difference is remarkable.swim spasThe current is so quiet and smooth that it is really unremarkable to show off to friends unless they step inside. It’s kinda “ho hum” when you turn on the current and it quietly swishes to the back of the pool. But hop on in that pool, and you will be stunned at the smooth current and the endless possibilities for exercising.

Whether you want to work on bad knees, stretch out your calves, perform ballet bar moves in the water, run for miles or swim as long as you can, this pool has you covered. You can even work out your arms, shoulders and core muscles against the current.The side entrance 110113

Whatever your exercise pleasure, you’ll find it here. One final note, we purchased the drop in exercise platforms in white so we could have more versatility in workouts. It’s well worth the money. The workout stations allow you to really vary your routine. SwimEx is one of the best kept secrets in residential exercise. Come on down to Texas and catch a wave! ”

LK, SwimEx Owner in Dallas, TX