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If you live for water focused workouts, but want more variation in the pool, put the pedal to the metal with an aqua bike!
Aquatic bikes are great no matter your fitness level, age or the size of your pool. Just drop one in the water for basic biking or combine an aquabike routine with aquatic exercises for a total body workout.

Aqua bike Benefits

Aqua Bike available from SwimExWater’s zero-impact environment is ideal for getting in shape, recovering from an injury, conditioning and training. Water exercises provide up to 15 times more resistance than the same exercises performed on land. In addition, water’s buoyancy makes it easier to stretch and achieve a greater range of motion. Combine the benefits of water with an aqua bike, and you’re off to the races.

If you want to  recover from injury, strengthen your joints, or train for a competition, aquatic cycling is a low risk, high intensity workout that will speed up recovery and training with less pain and less joint stress.

For the most impact, place your aquatic bike halfway in the water and halfway out. You’ll achieve a maximum workout, tone up, burn calories, and pedal your way to a whole new you!

Here’s where you can find all the information you need to get started. If you want to ramp up your aquabike workout even more, put it in a swim spa and pedal against the current.