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SwimEx clients John and Mary purchased their SwimEx 800S back in 2009. Mary, diagnosed with relapsing-remitting MS, was encouraged by her neurologist to add aquatics into her routine to improve balance, endurance, and strength. We recently had the chance to speak with John and Mary and learn how they have been enjoying the pool.

Taking Care of Mary

As John explains, “the center of my life has been to take care of Mary, so when her neurologist recommended aquatics for Mary, I started to research buying a pool.” “I have relapsing-remitting MS, I’ve had it for 50 years,” Mary shares. “And while I’m doing quite well right now, there were times when the impact on my quality of life was quite difficult.” She was happy to add aquatic exercising into her weekly routine but didn’t want to commit additional time to travel to a local pool.

John did extensive research, and with limited space for a pool, he focused on a swim spa and learned about SwimEx. After research, the adjustable paddlewheel current feature coupled with built in bench / spa convinced them SwimEx was the right pool for them. “The paddlewheel allows us to experience the current anywhere in the pool, which makes for an incredible experience,” John shared. So, they made the investment and haven’t looked back since.

The Need to Get In the Pool

Mary typically uses the pool three times a week. She and John still manage their business, but she looks forward to using the pool every day in retirement. “I usually can get in the pool in the afternoon or early evening. On the days I exercise, I sleep so much better,” Mary exclaims. She uses her weights and a noodle, and she walks against the current. She also does her stretches in the pool.

Just months after the pool was installed, John was in a car accident and suffered a back injury. While driving home from the hospital, he told Mary, “I need to get in the pool!” Mary firmly believes that thanks to the SwimEx pool, John was able to get back on his feet quickly after the accident, and he is doing well and remains very active today. “I usually get in the pool four or five times a week,” John shares. He swims, and also sits on the custom bench built for them, and uses the jets to relieve back stress.

SwimEx has made a Positive Difference in their Lives

“I’m healthier than I was 40 years ago,” Mary exclaims, “and I know the pool has made a positive difference in our lives.” “When we travel and we’re gone for more than a week – we miss the pool,” Mary continues, “we have no plans on going to a retirement center, why would we when we have this beautiful pool?” The pool gives us the convenience to relax and exercise as we age in the comfort of our own home.”

We appreciate the opportunity to share customer stories. If you would like more information about SwimEx pools, our free swim spa guide has everything you need to get you started.