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Michelle’s health problems began when she was 13 years old, “my knee cap would go out while playing basketball and doctors said I needed surgery.” But the surgery backfired when Michelle continued to grow another 1 ½ inches through her teen years, “that led to subsequently 27 knee surgeries, a shattered femur and received two nerve stimulators.”

At 47 year old, doctors delivered another blow to Kay, informing her that not only would she continue to suffer with knee problems but deteriorating joint disease. To make matters worse, additional surgeries would no longer be an option and she was facing the possibly of spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair. “I thought, this is just a mess. I’m a single mom of five kids, none of this is acceptable,” says Kay.

The devastating prognosis motivated her to act. She realized how much she enjoyed being in a pool during the summer months and thought aquatic therapy might be an option. She was thrilled to find a SwimEx therapeutic pool only one mile from her home located in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Since starting aquatic therapy in the SwimEx pool, she has noticed a great improvement in her mobility. But the effects went well beyond soothing her achy knees, “I feel less depressed and the ability to exercise got me off high blood pressure medicine. I have had therapy for over thirty years and I have had pool therapy (sitting in a tub) but I have never had therapy this way before. It has changed my life.”

SwimEx specializes in the design and manufacturing of superior fiberglass rehab and exercise swim spa pools for home and professional use. Our focus is centered upon controlling the therapeutic properties of water used for aquatic therapy to provide a nearly stress-free environment for rehabilitation. SwimEx is dedicated to building the finest swim spa swimming pools and rehabilitation equipment for home, sports, therapy and healthcare.