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“This is just like having a spa in your house!” Karen Hurvitz.  Karen is another happy SwimEx customer who installed a swim spa in her Concord, Massachusetts home. It was also a great aquatic rehabilitation tool when she tore her ACL.

Karen’s first experience with a swim-in-place pool was during a visit to Hong Kong fifteen years ago, “I loved it!” But back home, Karen had a tough time incorporating swimming into her daily exercise routine. ”I didn’t like going to the gym pool or dealing with dirty locker rooms. Meanwhile, the town’s public pool didn’t offer many open swim hours.”

Frustrated with limited lap pool options, she started researching therapy pools for swimming and aquatic exercise at home. Karen says SwimEx was the most appealing brand due to its superior construction and smooth, yet powerful water current.

“One of the advantages with a SwimEx was the quality and width of the current. Another plus, I don’t have to bother with a lot of harsh chemicals and ventilation.”

Aquatic therapy quickly paid off for Karen after she tore her (ACL) anterior cruciate ligament during a ski accident. ACL tears almost always require surgery, but Karen was determined to avoid going under the knife. “I decided not to undergo surgery and rehab it. I found that swimming and exercising in the pool was enough and my leg felt really good.”

Today, she alternates her daily swim with her favorite exercises: breaststroke, freestyle and running. Karen has joined the growing number of retired homeowners turning to SwimEx for a stress-free workout that leads to a health and well-being.

Because she loves her SwimEx so much, Karen recently purchased a new home and installed another SwimEx in that one as well. “It keeps you in shape. I use it every day,” says Karen.

SwimEx is a world leader in hydrotherapy pools and plunge tanks for home and professional use. American made, every product is manufactured with superior fiberglass construction and state-of-the-art water current systems.

Try our simple Pool Selector tool to find the perfect swim spa for your home and lifestyle.

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