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For over the limit fun, fitness, and relaxation, cocktail pools serve up a sizable wow factor. Everything about these small pools (from features to extreme function) far outweigh the perks of a full-sized swimming pool.

Whatever you want to call these small pools – cocktail pool, swim spa, fitness pool – this raging trend is loaded for action. A refreshing take on the backyard pool, this pool choice is good for your home, your wallet, and your lifestyle.

cocktail pool

Cocktail Pool Advantages

1. Less Expensive to Run and Install

Cocktail pools are small. This mean less water, fewer chemicals, and less out-of-pocket expenses. Small pools costs less money to heat, especially if you keep the pool covered when not in use. Some small fiberglass pools are insulated with a solid wood core for better temperature retention and strength, making them extremely cost effective.

Do you want your cocktail pool inside or outside? Either option works. With a smaller footprint, you have more installation options and less construction for a more budget friendly install.  These pools can fit in spaces as small as 12’ x 20’.  Some can even be delivered in sections and assembled on-site for tight access spaces.  In addition, due to their small size, there’s no need for costly dehumidification systems.

Triton Swim Spa

2. Environmentally Friendly

Cocktail pools generate a smaller carbon footprint than their full-sized counterparts. They require less water, fewer chemicals, and less electricity to run. From the initial fill to topping off your pool to draining it for cleaning, you’ll use significantly less water. You can even heat this small pool with solar panels, eliminating other heat sources all together, a win-win for the environment and your wallet.

above ground swim spa

3. Easier to Maintain

It’s much easier to drain a cocktail pool for cleaning.  Once drained, their small size makes them easier to clean.  Look for a fiberglass pool with a Gelcoat finish. It’s hard for algae to adhere to this surface and wiping down the tile line and smooth interior walls is a snap.

above ground swim spa

4. Maximum Function

While they are small, don’t let this pool’s size fool you into thinking they aren’t functional. You can achieve the same activities in one of these that you can in a large pool, especially if you get one with a water current. Swim, exercise, get a full body workout, rehabilitate, or relax against the resistance current.  Cocktail pools typically start around 12′ x 14′ in size. They can accommodate one, two or up to 10 people comfortably.  Here are some of the benefits to getting a cocktail pool with a current.

  • Water current supports movement and makes functional tasks easier. This builds confidence and increased confidence means you’re more likely to continue exercising.
  • Working out against a pool current builds core and all over strength.
  • The ever-changing current is similar to everyday movement patterns like walking and running outside.  Once you’ve perfected your stride in water, you will be more confident on land.
  • Pools where the current spans the entire width of the pool make it possible to achieve any workout routine, including upper and lower body exercises, cardio workouts, and stretching.

Outdoor Bench Surround

Bottom line – Cocktail pools take up less space, are extremely functional, more efficient and cost less to run. So take a shot and jump into your own cocktail pool. You’ll be glad you did.