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Aquatic exercise is an ideal low-impact activity to improve core strength. While exercising, the natural properties of water take pressure off your joints and muscles for less pain and better results.

If you are just beginning with aquatic exercise, get started with water walking. Simply walk across the pool and swing your arms as you do when walking on land. If you have access to a swim spa, that’s even better. Walk back and forth against the current. You can easily adjust the water flow to increase or decrease the desired intensity.  For even more resistance, add a kick board as you walk through the water. It’s a great cardiovascular exercise that can be easily incorporated into any aquatic workout.

The below SwimEx exercise video is a step by step tutorial on how to perform the aquatic plow, a great exercise that improves core strength.

Perform The Plow 

Step 1

If you have a pool with a water current, set your water speed to the desired level.

Step 2

Stand at one end of the pool and hold a kick board extended at shoulder height.

Step 3

The kick board should be partly submerged. You can adjust intensity by submerging the kick board deeper in water.

Step 4

Walk or run towards the front of the pool. Once at the front of the pool, walk backwards to the starting position.

Core Strength

Core exercises are an important part of an overall fitness routine, leading to improved balance and stability. They also help train the muscles in your pelvis, hips, lower back and abdomen to work in tandem. There are a variety of pool exercises that help strengthen the core muscles.

In this instructional exercise video from SwimEx, see how to use a kickboard to engage the abdominal muscles. The push-and-pull style exercises also encourage proper posture and stabilization.

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