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Fiberglass Pool Benefits

Here are five main reasons why fiberglass pools are a great investment:

1. Extra Insulation maintains water temperature

2. No liners to replace

 3. Solid shell allows for easy installation in a variety of locations

for indoor, outdoor, above ground, partially above-ground or in-ground installations

4. Interior flexibility, customization, and safety features.

5. Walking areas can feature a non-slip surface for safe movement

Did you know that inside every SwimEx fiberglass pool wall there is a balsa wood core for strength, insulation and endurance? This process sets SwimEx apart from other pool manufacturers and is one of the benefits unique to SwimEx.

SwimEx pools pack a powerful punch in as little as 200-square feet of space and fit virtually anywhere.  Why install a full-sized pool when you get everything you need from this highly efficient fitness and therapy pool?

SwimEx pools feature superior fiberglass composite construction similar to the hull of a boat. They are built with 1/8” (.31 cm) fiberglass on each side of a 3/4” (1.9 cm) balsa wood core for insulated, strong walls.  Layers of fiberglass, resin, and Gelcoat surround the balsa wood, creating an indestructible yet easy to maintain pool shell.

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SwimEx Paddlewheel

The industry exclusive paddlewheel technology (featured in the SwimEx S Series and T Series pools) creates the most even, widest and strongest water current in the industry.fiberglass pool

The Paddlewheel, positioned in the back of the pool, pulls the water through a rear grate and pushes it through tunnels or a false bottom floor to the front of the pool. The water flows through a front grille generating a pool-width “wall of water” that can run as deep as 30” (76 cm) and circulates up to 25, 000 gallons of water per minute in a smooth, river-like current.  Driven by an industrial electric gear motor and variable speed control system, the Paddlewheel attaches directly to the pool and requires no additional support.

The paddlewheel current gives competitive and recreational swimmers a superior aquatic swimming and exercise experience. If you love to swim, this is the most powerful swim spa on the market. And, if you’re looking to workout or need aquatic therapy for recovery and rehabilitation, the industry exclusive paddlewheel models are the only pools that will provide you with a complete aquatic environment for unlimited exercise routines or therapy protocols.

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