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If you are interested in an indoor swimming pool, keep reading to discover the benefits of installing a pool inside and why you should choose this option to create an amazing home pool oasis.


  • You can use an indoor swimming pool all year round without worrying about the weather or change in seasons.
  • An indoor swimming pool is typically smaller than outdoor pools due to available space. But you can get the same functionality in a smaller pool if you choose a lap pool with a water current feature.
  • You have more privacy during aquatic exercises or leisurely swimming.
  • It is much easier to maintain. If you choose to purchase a swim spa, this type of pool is much less costly.


Something to consider is having a dehumidifier to keep the moisture level at a comfortable amount, but if you go with a swim spa, the smaller body of water creates less humidity.

small inground pools

If you’re convinced that an indoor pool is what you need to create the ultimate aquatic oasis for your home, definitely consider a lap pool.

Here’s why

Most often called swim spas or lap pools, these pools provide a current for added resistance and function.  “We are both professionals who were getting very little to no exercise. Now we each swim almost every morning – rain or shine, snow or sleet. I think buying our SwimEx pool was the healthiest thing we’ve ever done. There are times we just use it to stretch, bend and relax,” said swim spa owners Harry & Marcia Christian.

Swim spas give you a greater range of activities. You can swim, exercise, and relax. One of the most advanced water current systems on the market is the paddlewheel water current system.

How it works: The paddlewheel, positioned at the back of the pool, pulls in pool water, propels the water through tunnels under the pool, then pushes it out through the front of the pool. This continuous loop of flowing water spans the entire width of the pool, creating a “wall of water” similar to a river current.

Key Advantages

Designed by MIT engineers, the powerful paddleswheel system generates a water flow that can challenge the strongest athlete or is gentle enough for users of any ability level.

  • Achieve full body exercises, run at top speeds, and competitively swim against the paddlewheel current.
  • 99 programmable speeds accurately monitor and measure progress from one pool session to the next with the current’s consistency and programmable water flow.
  • Access the current in all areas of the pool
  • Safely target muscles and joints without jarring or turbulence typically found in a jet system

“Having a SwimEx in our home has enabled us to swim daily throughout the year. SwimEx is the best investment we have ever made for fitness. It gives us the advantages of a full-size lap pool without the space, cost and maintenance requirement,” say SwimEx owners Ben & Marilyn Matthesen

Aquatic fitness is the ultimate environment that boosts confidence to continue exercise as it supports. This means achieving aquatic exercises with proper mechanics, less pain, faster results, and better outcomes. Click below to download the ultimate guide with tips and advice that will help you start planning today.

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