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Infinity pools are pools that create the illusion of an infinite water edge. SwimEx swim spas are pools with a water current strong enough to swim or exercise against. Let’s talk more about the pros and cons of each.

Infinity Pools


The big pro of Infinity pools is their Wow factor. In most installations, a vanishing edge makes the water look like its falling into the ocean, into the sky or off of a mountain. These extremely stunning installations are great for entertaining.  If done right, they have the potential to increase the value of your home.

Infinity poolsCons

While Infinity pools may look amazing, they typically require complex structural and mechanical components to accomplish the finished look. They are also expensive to build (sometimes costing in the hundreds of thousands of dollars). In most cases, Infinity pools require more space to create the disappearing edge effect. Economically, they are more expensive to run. It’s hard to equip an infinity pool with a cover. This means more water evaporation, more filling, thus more water usage. They also require large pumps that need to run constantly.  If the Infinity pool installation is outside, this could limit use if in a seasonal climate.

SwimEx swim spa pools

SwimEx swim spas are pools that come with a built-in water current that lets the swimmer swim effortlessly against a water flow for an endless amount of time.

swimex swim spaCons

If you’ve got your heart set on the illusion of disappearing water, you may want to explore traditional infinity pool installers. But if you want beauty and function in one pool, the benefits of a SwimEx swim spa far outweigh this one feature.


Custom Design

Did you know that you can choose specific pool and tile colors with SwimEx? Because these pools are made with fiberglass, the color is incorporated into the pool walls. There is a full selection of colors and tiles to match your specific home design. You can also custom create the interior layout of your pool. Add benches, vary the depth, incorporate message jets, and more.

swim spaExtreme Function

SwimEx pools offer unlimited function in a small pool footprint. The advanced water current creates the smoothest, widest, and most even current in the swim spa industry. With 99 water speeds, swimmers of every ability can effectively swim against the current. Swim forever without ever taking a flip turn. Plus, the pool-width current makes it easy to meet your fitness goals. From upper body exercises to running to core and lower body workouts, achieve all of your training goals.

swimex swim spa


Install a SwimEx swim spa virtually anywhere. Because of their small size and their self-supporting structure, they can be positioned above ground, below ground, inside or outside. All you need is a 12’x20’ space.


This small pool uses less space, less water, and requires fewer chemicals than traditional in-ground pools. This means lower costs all around. In addition, all SwimEx pools are constructed from solid fiberglass to help maintain water temperature for lower energy bills. Plus, if you add a solar cover, you’ll save even more.

For the best of all worlds, SwimEx swim spas are a stunning alternative to traditional infinity pools with the added benefits of lower costs, less maintenance, and a ton of function.